6 thoughts on “Create Date Table with Dynamic Language in Power Query”

  1. Great videos and blog, really helpful! Thanks for that! But the dynamic languages made me think about something else as well:

    Are there also ways to make the first day of your week dynamic? It should be great to be able use the same calendar like with the different languages you showed, but then also being able to change the first day of the week between (most commonly) sunday and monday.

    • Hi Azma,

      To add a new language you make 3 changes:
      1. You add the new language to the parameter of chapter 1.2.
      2. You add the language to the LanguageParameter step as explained in chapter 1.3.
      3. You add the translated column names to the translation table from chapter 2.2.

      Make sure the language from step 1, has the same name as the Language description in step 2 and the New language column name of step 3. With these steps you should be good to go!

    • Hi Azma,

      I’ve provided the code in section 3.0. You can copy the last 2 queries into Power Query and that provides you with all the examples. You can create a blank query -> go to the advanced editor. And paste the codes in there.

      Hope that helps!


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